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Pet adoption agencies

One of the best pet adoption agencies is Best Friends Animal Society, who has been operational for over 30 years. It runs the biggest animal sanctuary in the country and has locations throughout the country. It’s a non-profit organisation that focuses on cats and dogs but also caters for horses,

Stars Pets Organic pet food

Organic pet food

The global organic and natural pet food market reached a value of nearly US$23 Billion in 2020, according to a report by IMARC. The report also predicts the potential for huge growth during in the global market from 2021-2026. Natural pet food contains organic ingredients that are free from chemical


Pet adoption scam

Even during normal times people have always sought comfort with getting a pet but during these especially difficult times they have become even more desirable. Unfortunately, thousands of lonely Americans scanning the web for a quarantine pet are finding themselves victims of assorted pet adoption scam operations. There are individuals


Why adopt a pet?

There are plenty of reasons to adopt a pet from saving them from tragic circumstances to enriching your life by sharing it with a furry friend. If you are considering adoption, check out our top reasons to adopt a pet. You’ll save the animal’s life Each year, one million adoptable