Why adopt a pet?

There are plenty of reasons to adopt a pet from saving them from tragic circumstances to enriching your life by sharing it with a furry friend. If you are considering adoption, check out our top reasons to adopt a pet.

You’ll save the animal’s life

Each year, one million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in America. This is due to too many animals entering shelters and too few people looking for pets considering adoption as an option.

The sheer number of euthanized animals would be reduced dramatically if people adopted pets rather than paying for them. When adopting an animal you actually save them as well as open up space in the shelter for another animal who needs it.

You’ll get a great pet

Animal shelters are full of happy, healthy pets who just want someone to take them home. Most shelter pets are there due to a problem with the previous owners rather than the animal itself. This might be a move or a divorce. This means it is likely that many are already house trained and used to family life.

It won’t be as expensive as buying one

Once you adopt a pet, the price of spaying/neutering and the first vaccination are included in the price. This saves you the money that you would otherwise have to payout. Also if the animal is already house trained you will save on training and housebreaking costs.

It’s a way to combat the puppy farms

If you buy a dog from a pet shop, someone online, or any similar places you will almost certainly be buying a dog from a puppy mill.

These are factory-style breeding facilities that don’t place any value on the welfare of dogs. Animals from puppy mills are often housed in terrible conditions with improper medical care. This means they can be sick and behaviorally challenged as a result. The females used for breeding are kept in cages to be bred over and over for years. They will have limited human contact and once they are no longer able to produce offsprings they will be killed, abandoned, or sold.

Customers are often completely unaware that they are buying from such unscrupulous sellers. Puppy mills will carry on operating until they stop being supported.  By adopting a pet instead of buying you are helping to stop them.

Your home will be in a better state

As many pets from the shelters are already house-trained you’ll not only be saving their life but also the state of your carpet/sofa/skirting boards.  Adopting an older pet offers an animal a second chance that many will never experience and makes introducing them to your family a lot easier.

Pets are good for your health

Not only do animals provide you with unconditional love, but they have also been shown to be psychologically beneficial to their companions. Looking after a pet can give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment whilst also reducing feelings of loneliness. After adopting you’ll also be able to feel good about yourself helping out an animal in need!

You help more than one animal.

Shelters take in millions of stray, lost and abused animals each year.  By adopting an animal, you’re creating space for others. You give animals a second chance but also contribute to, the shelters helping them to take better care of the animals they take in!

You´ll change the life of an animal.

You save an animal from a potentially tragic situation and also make a best friend!