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 Save The Animals Rescue Society (STARS), Inc. is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the well being of homeless animals.



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Save The Animals Rescue Society
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Pets of the Week
Sinatra is the Featured Pet.

Sinatra is a beautiful, white Lhasa-Apso that has had a very tough life so far. He came out of the woods and followed a lady home that was walking her dog. She was kind enough to catch him and call animal control. When he arrived at the shelter he looked and smelled like a badger after a hard winter. When a very kind lady came into the shelter and groomed him, they found a very, very skinny Lhasa under all that hair and filth. It took him a few days to realize he wasn't lugging around 10 or 15 pounds of filthy coat. He is now very playful and sweet as can be. He has gained about 10 pounds and is a svelte 20 lbs.  He is still very shy and it takes a little time to win his trust, but who can blame him. He was named Sinatra for his big, blue eyes, but he is also answering to Frank. Are you looking for a great little dog that surely deserves a wonderful, loving home?