When the Kliewers spotted our Heidi on they just knew she would be a great companion for their two thirteen year old cats. A few adjustments in feeding locations and access to the house and Heidi will be a great little friend.  Heidi loves to eat so cat food wold not be a good diet for her.

Nancy was looking for a companion for her eleven year old Papillon mix and when she spotted our Elsa she had a feeling.  When Sophie and Elsa met in person, they kind of ignored each other, which is good.  Now they are snuggle buddies and Elsa even has Sophie running and playing with her.                 2/15

Kelly used to foster for STARS a few years ago and when she started her hunt for a new pet, she came and visited our AAP at Petsmart.  When she met Joey she fell in love. Zoey, the little rat terrier on the right registered her delight with having a new play buddy.  Amelia and Natalia have grown to love little Joey, too.

The McClellands adopted a really great dog from us many years ago, so when he passed away, they came back find a new best buddy.  Marshal fit right in.

Susan lost her best friend that she had adopted from STARS about nine years ago.  She thought she would just check out what we had to offer and spotted Shelbe and Luna and fell in love.  Susan and her husband and mother were kind of looking for a bonded pair, and what is better than mother and daughter.

Janet spotted our Truman and fell in love.  She was looking for a special needs dog that she could nurse and care for and Truman perfectly fit the bill.

Save The Animals Rescue Society(STARS), Inc.

The Harrises were looking for a new friend when they spotted our Riley and he looked enough like their previous dog and enough different to be a new companion.

​                                                  4/13