When Gina and Rocky saw our Cecil, they fell in love.  He is now Walter and living with his new mom and dad and two brothers in Plano.

Tom and Sandy first adopted Jake(the one in the picture), then Buster.  Then Sarah, in the middle, adopted Moosey with her mom and dad and then Tom and Sandy came back and adopted Tex, the black guy in Toms arm. All these guys got the best homes ever and we are so happy.  5/13

Eli got a great home with the Johnsons.  He's getting used to his new family and learning his way around a cat.  That will be fun.

Amanda had been looking for that special Yorkie for quite some time and when she met our Pebbles, it was love at first sight.  11/15

The Francis family was looking for a new addition to the family and when they spotted our Bindi on line, they just knew she would be a perfect fit. They were correct, she fits right in and has filled an empty spot.  1/01

Stephanie lost her precious friend a few months ago and was in need of a new companion to share her life with, and when she spotted our Sylvi, she just knew it was the right one for her.                                    11/3

The Cavaliers had recently lost their pet of many years and were looking for just the right new companion.  When they met "The Boys" they knew it was a great match.  2/13

Save The Animals Rescue Society(STARS), Inc.

Klara was in need of a companion so her daughter-in-law came to us and fixed her up with our beautiful little Trevor, what a great match.   1/15

Rocko was out for a walk with me one evening and Mr. Cronin spotted him and I think it was love at first sight.  He had lost three dogs over that past year or so, and was finally ready for a new buddy and Rocko couldn't be any happier..                              12/11