Save The Animals Rescue Society(STARS), Inc.

Tess has been with us for quite some time, but the perfect home came along and Tess is very happy with her new home and new brother.  Thanks so much to the Elders.   7/10

Leigh and Tabitha spottted our Mia on line just knew she would be the prefect dog for them.  6/5

Linda lost one of her chihuahua companions recently and her vet let her know we had little Mickey that resembled her dog.  She couldn't wait to get her hands on this little guy and he is eating it up.                                           3/11

We were looking for that extra special home for our Hope and Stephanie and her kids made the cut.  She has experience with special needs dogs and they all fell in love with Hope and Hope took to them right away.  Such a great new beginning for our project girl.   3/11

The Edwards lost another Westie some time ago and were ready for a new companion for them and for the boy, Wallace.  5/15

Laura saw our Rosey on the net and thought she would be a good companion for her peke.  She was tied up so she sent her husband Dan to look at her.  When he met her, he fell in love and had to take her home.                                             3/11

Tom and Sandy first adopted Jake(the one in the picture), then Buster.  Then Sarah, in the middle, adopted Moosey with her mom and dad and then Tom and Sandy came back and adopted Tex, the black guy in Toms arm. All these guys got he best homes ever and we are so happy.  5/13