Jennifer was looking for a new companion to share her condo and when she met our Hannah, she just knew she had a new best friend.                                    7/13

The Gibsons adopted from STARS a few years ago and that worked out great, so when their older dog passed away, they cam back for a new play buddy.  5/11

Susan lost her best friend that she had adopted from STARS about nine years ago.  She thought she would just check out what we had to offer and spotted Shelbe and Luna and fell in love.  Susan and her husband and mother were kind of looking for a bonded pair, and what is better than mother and daughter.

Rex was with us for some time and it was because he was waiting for that perfect home.  When Victoria and her boyfriend met Rex, they knew he was that special dog they could take for walks, take out to meet friends and take out in the evening to socialize.  Rex is eating up all the attention and having a ball. 4/13 

Kelly used to foster for STARS a few years ago and when she started her hunt for a new pet, she came and visited our AAP at Petsmart.  When she met Joey she fell in love. Zoey, the little rat terrier on the right registered her delight with having a new play buddy.  Amelia and Natalia have grown to love little Joey, too.

Tom and Sandy first adopted Jake(the one in the picture), then Buster.  Then Sarah, in the middle, adopted Moosey with her mom and dad and then Tom and Sandy came back and adopted Tex, the black guy in Toms arm. All these guys got the best homes ever and we are so happy.  5/13

Save The Animals Rescue Society(STARS), Inc.