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I agree that, if allowed to adopt, I will not hold STARS liable for any direct or consequential damage arising from the adoption. I agree that if I must give up this pet for any reason it will be returned to Stars. I agree to follow up on all vaccinations as recommended by my veterinarian. I agree to give this pet adequate time to adjust to its new home. I agree to work with a Behavior Counselor should the pet develop behavior problems. I agree to allow follow-up calls by Stars on the new pets progress. I understand that submitting this application represents permission for my veterinary to disclose the treatment history for my previous and current pets to the designated representative of the STARS organization.

I certify that all information I have given is true, and that false information may result in nullifying this adoption. 

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Thank you for completing our questionnaire. We will make every effort to match the needs of our adoptable animals with the right family.  If you have trouble submitting this application, please turn off all firewall software while submitting.