Status: Adopted

Name: Luna

Breed:  Shih-Tzu

Color:  Black

Sex: Female

 Age: Approx 6 months 

 Adult weight: 12 to 14 lbs is our best estimate. She is now about 4 lbs.

 Other: Luna came into the shelter with her mother, Shelbe.  They were both filthy and full of dirt and bugs.  The wonderful ladies at the shelter bathed them and cleaned them up and got rid of all the bugs.  When we took Shelbe in to be spayed, our vet said that Luna was big enough to be spayed, too.   We got them both done the same day and Luna got her first round of shots. She has one rounds of puppy shots to go.  She is very smart and picking up on her housetraining already.  She is a wonderful little girl that deserves the best home.

Status: Available

Name: Duke

Breed: Terrier

Color: Tri-color

 Sex: Male

 Age: 3 years

 Adult weight: 12 lbs.

 Other: Duke is a very sweet, little Terrier male that is only about two to three years old.  He is very mature for his age and is a handsome guy that loves to be with his people.  He gets along great with other dogs and would make a great companion dog for almost anyone.  Are you looking for a great companion?


Status: Available

Name: Truman

Breed:  Shih Tzu

Color: Tri-Color

 Sex: Male

 Age: 6+ year

 Adult weight: 12 lbs.

 Other: Truman is a very sweet little Shih-Tzu male that came to us with extremely bad eye goobers, terrible urinary tract infection and a very lethargic nature, probably do to the extreme pain of his urinary tract/bladder infection.  Our vet told us that when his UTI was better, we would see a different dog.  She was so right on.  Truman is now a happy, affectionate; a little sweetheart that deserves a very special home. He is a little older so he is quieter and a lot less rambunctious than the younger guys.  He enjoys a leisurely walk, instead of a run.  He also has some hearing loss, probably from the neglect he was subjected to in the past.  You have to raise your voice to get his attention.

Luna got her very first haircut today and does she ever look cute. We know her mother is a Shih-Tzu, but we are still speculating on what her daddy is, other than a traveling man, of course.

The STARS Adoption donation is $175.00 for all dogs

All STARS animals have been tested for heartworm and treated if necessary. They receive all the appropriate inoculations for their age, including Bordatella (Kennel cough). They are spayed/neutered and have received a thorough examination by one of our participating veterinarians. You will be provided with all the paperwork and shot records. We do everything we can to ensure you are adopting a healthy, happy animal. We do a home visit to ensure adequate security and compatibility, after your completed application is approved.

If you are approved for adoption, you will be required to provide heartworm protection for your adopted animal, and we will follow up to ensure that it is provided. Failure to do so nullifies the adoption agreement, and the animal must be returned to STARS.

Save The Animals Rescue Society(STARS), Inc.

Status: Available

Name: Heidi

Breed:  Miniature Pinscher

Color:  Black & Tan

Sex: Female

 Age: 7 to 8 years old

 Adult weight:  11 lbs.
 Other:Heidi is a very loving, little Min Pin that is about 7 to 8 years old, about middle age for a Min Pin.  She loves to snuggle with her people and she gets along great with other animals. She would love to sit on your lap and share your popcorn.  Are you looking for a new bet buddy?

Status: Adopted

Name: Shelbe

Breed:  Shih-Tzu

Color:  Red

Sex: Female

 Age: 1-2 years

 Adult weight: 11 lbs.

 Other: Shelbe ended up in the shelter in terrible condition.  She was matted so bad they could not tell she had just had puppies.  After the wonderful people at the shelter shaved her down and bathed her, they discovered she was in the process of nursing.  One of the dogs that came in with her was actually her puppy that was about 4 or 5 weeks old.  Shelbe was a great mom and took excellent care of her baby and now she is ready for a great home of her own.  Of course, she has been spayed and has received all the appropriate inoculations and tests, an she has been labeled healthy as a horse.